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Favorite Faucets Information
Our site is a good alternative to so-called cryptocurrency faucets rotators. Frankly, most of these rotators provide trash or cheap/empty resources. Also, there's a big disadvantage in a lack of timing control, as a result of which these rotators provide you faucets where still a lot of time till the next giveaway. Therefore, you spend your time on watching website without any reward. Also, the problem of rotators is that you get low-budget faucets which will not give you essential reward. And you cannot choose them by yourself, and there's no any filters. You have to take what they give you.

In opposition to such rotators, we propose you totally different way to harvest rewards from cryptocurrency faucets. We provide you lists. Lists of faucets in a form of convenient and functional table.

Click on a link inside the table will open certain faucet in a browser tab. That’s all. No more rotators. All the faucets in this table are sorted by rating. The higher rating – the higher faucet in table. Ratings will be given by our users, not by the administration. It is enough democratic. Moreover, we provide you next options and functions: countdowns for every faucet, favorites lists, faucets ratings, sort/choose by properties, etc.

How to

- Countdowns

Next to the faucet link there’s a countdown. By clicking the link (we recommend you to use CTRL+click), faucet website will open in a new browser tab, and the countdown will begin. It will count the time left until you can get next reward + 60 seconds.

The main advantage of this countdown is that it will continue to count even after reload or closing the page. Therefore, you'll always know if the faucet is ready to give you next reward.

- Favorites Lists

This option is available for authorized users only.

You can create your own favorites list, and add the best faucets to it. To add any faucet to the list, just use “+” icon in the right column. Next, go to “My favorites” (in your User Panel in the top left), and there will be faucets, which you've added to your favorites list.

If you need to delete some faucet from the list, just click “-” icon in the right column.

- Faucets Ratings

You can rate each faucet. To increase rating, just click “+”, and to decrease – click “-”. The most rated faucets will appear higher in the table.

Thereby, using this rating function you can help other users to use just the best cryptocurrency faucets, and therefore get best rewards. You can rate each faucet just once.

- Faucets Quality

We make our best to choose the best faucets. For all the faucets the minimal reward amount is a quality sign. For example, for BTC faucets (Bitcoin), quality sign is a reward of 200 satoshies. For LTC faucets (Litecoin) it is 10000 litoshi. For DOGE – from 3 dogecoin, etc. We just don't include faucets with lower reward.

- Sort/Choose by Properties

You can sort/choose faucets by certain properties. For example, by the minimal reward or by the frequency in minutes, or by the disbursement. All properties, available in sorting, are dotted.

- Complaint/Error Report

This option is available for authorized users only.

If you noticed a mistake in faucet description (Min Reward, Freq. in minutes, etc.) or seen the message «Insufficient funds» from the faucet, then you can report us (administration). You can do this clicking the “!” icon in Actions column.

In the modal box “Submit your complaint to administration” appeared, please, briefly describe the problem and push “Send” button. Your message will be shortly delivered, and we'll try to fix this as soon as possible, or put “red flag” on that certain faucet, informing other users about zero balance.

- Suggest New Faucet

If you couldn't find some perspective and reliable faucets in our list, then you can suggest it. We'll include it to our list after some verification. To suggest, go to page footer and click “Suggest new faucet”. Then fill the form and send it to us.

New faucets will be included to the table with a “New” mark. After one day, faucets will take their real place based on their ratings.

- Registration And Authorization

Some options are available for authorized users only. For example, favorites lists, complaints, etc. That's why we recommend you to register on our website, or to authorize using Google/Facebook account details.

- Comments

This option is available for authorized users only.

We are always glad about users which initiate discussions or offer additional information to lists with their constructive comments. All comments are moderated towards this goal. As part of this fair play commenting we are using rel="nofollow". Please do not use a domain or spam-like word as your name. Thanks!

In conclusion

We hope that effort and time we spent during the creation of our resource, will help you and other users to increase income. We continue to work on this site, and still including new faucets. Moreover, it will be populated with new functions. If you liked our tool, please, share it with friends!

We appreciate any support and help from you side!

Thank you for your time, and wish you more rewards!